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Really? Is this the best steel for my knife?!

We have always stressed the importance of getting a quality survival knife. What makes a good survival knife? Everyone has their preferences for choosing their perfect survival knife. It all depends on personal tastes. A standard code of practice is to purchase a quality blade based on the material or types of steel.

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Ace Roarrrrrrrr - Distinctive. Primitive. Animalistic. Karambit Knife

Words cannot describe the first impression we had of this stunning knife, the Ace Karambit. It is a claw-like knife, or we call it the karambit knife. For those who are not sure what is a karambit knife, let’s dig in a bit more. The Karambit was said to originate from West Sumatra Indonesia. It was widely used for farming in Southeast Asia. In those days, it was also used as a tactical and survival tool. The signature claw design was inspired by the tiger's claws. Hence, giving it a distinctive and primitive look. To sum things up, this is an ultra-versatile blade with a damn unique design that takes a cue from the tiger claws. Roarrrrrrrr - simply animalistic...

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Reasons why a knife must be sharp

Always thought that it is a no brainer when it comes to the importance of the sharpness of a knife. It is pretty surprising to hear that many people are not aware of the importance of a sharp knife. And quite a handful even feel that it is not a big deal. If you are someone who cooks often or goes camping and hiking, you will be using the knife a lot. And we cannot stress enough on how important it is to keep your tool sharp at all times. Engaging in activities that must use the knife, priority is to get the job done. Safety sometimes becomes negligible. I am sure you have heard stories about knife accidents. Has...

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