A Cut of Simplicity from the TYR Pen XLOTS7-TYR-BK Pocket Folding Knife

Simplicity is what some knife enthusiasts look for in pocket knife construction. If you are a fan of a simple and elegant EDC, this is right for you. Let’s have a glimpse on the TYR Pen XLOTS7-TYR-BK Pocket Folding Knife. While it has a simple look, when you wield it in your hands, you will know you have an excellent and tactical EDC gadget.

Let us look at the review of this knife to have a spoiler of its features and functionality.

Design of the Pocket Knife

The knife does not spare any effort when it comes to design, and its simplicity brings a touch of nostalgia as it has a vintage touch. You notice it from its thin build, which makes it appear longer than it is. The build has some inspirations from a writing pen that gave birth to its slender look.

The handle possesses much style, which you can see from the stainless steel with wooden and shiny metallic details. The stylishness makes it a to-go everyday carry tool, especially for ladies, who will love its elegance.

The blade has a slender appearance which boosts the entire gadget’s outlook. This survival knife is an excellent pick for someone who is into classic or vintage collectibles or a survival knife collector who wants to expand their collection.

Knife Material

If you are into knives, you know how crucial it is to pay attention to the material used in its construction. Depending on the material, you will gain some perks like the ease of sharpening, durability, and edge maintenance. This pocket knife is a 7cr17mov chrome steel build, Chinese stainless steel that features in several low budget and survival knives. This stainless steel variety has a high chromium content, which makes it fairly resistant to corrosion.

The composition of 7cr17mov chrome steel is 18% chromium, which, aside from corrosion resistance, also improves tensile strength and edge retention. It has a 0.75% carbon content, which plays a critical role in hardiness and wear resistance and a similar value of molybdenum for strength and machinability.

Other elements are 1% manganese, 0.6% nitrogen, 1% silicon and 0.04% of phosphorous. Manganese enhances the material's brittleness; nitrogen is for edge retention, while silicon and phosphorous increases its strength.

When you look at the various elements in this stainless steel variant, you see most of them working towards its hardiness. As such, it is not a surprise to see that this folding knife has hardiness of 56 HRC. Knives of the 56 HRC hardiness have a high degree of sharpness retention. Its surface is sand treated.

Knife Measurements

One of the TYR Pen XLOTS7-TYR-BK Pocket Folding Knife's unique features is its slender design, with the blade being 1.2cm wide and 7.8cm long. The handle has a length of 9.7cm, translating to an overall length of 17.5cm. The dimensions show you how easy it is to handle or carry, further boosted by its lightweight of around 72g.


If you love a classy but tactical outdoor gadget, the TYR Pen XLOTS7-TYR-BK Pocket Folding Knife is an excellent option. It has a slender build that upholds its simplicity and is also lightweight. It is a nice collectible that you can have as part of your pocket knife collection.

📷 : XiaolinOTS

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