A Mash-Up of Tactile Stylishness with the TYR Rippa XLOT10-TYR Pocket Folding Knife

If you are a tactical person, you know how essential a pocket folding knife is as an everyday carry tool. You can use it in various situations, like fixing household items, DIY projects, and camping gear.

The TYR Rippa XLOT10-TYR pocket knife is an excellent pick, giving you an edge of stylishness. You can gift it to a hands-on person, more so if they love the outdoors. Let us review the XLOT10-TYR folding knife to give you an idea of its features and functionality.


It has the typical silver appearance that you notice on most knives with a black outline on some parts like the handle.

To describe the design, simplicity and stylishness are the best adjectives. The folding knife comes with a pouch for storage when not in use. The blade has a thumb stud for its effortless unfolding. The handle features white copper Yakeli and the blade undergoes mirror light surface treatment.

Ridges on the handle ensure you have a firm and comfortable grip when you are using it.

Individuals who love style, class, and functionality, the Rippa XLOT10 is the perfect EDC tool to have in your pockets.

TYR Rippa Folding Blade Knife - EDC Outdoor Tool for Camping Hiking Trekking XLOTS10-TYR-GEN

Knife Material

When getting an ideal pocket knife, you should be keen on the material. Always ensure that it is robust, a guarantee of durability. This is an aspect that you want as the cutter will last you for a long time.

The Rippa XLOT10-TYR is a 440C stainless steel build. At one time, it was the highest degree before evolution in knife construction. This steel has the highest carbon content than other steel types under the 440 series.

The high carbon content of more than 1% makes it hard and corrosion-resistant. 440c composition includes 1.1% carbon, 17% chromium, 0.8% manganese, 0.7% molybdenum, 0.5% silicon, sulfur and phosphorous.

Chromium will boost tensile strength and edge retention. Silicon, molybdenum, and phosphorous improve the steel’s strength. Other components enhance hardness and machinability.

TYR Rippa Folding Blade Knife - EDC Outdoor Tool for Camping Hiking Trekking XLOTS10-TYR-GEN


The 440c stainless steel has a hardness of 57 HRC. A thing to know is that the ideal hardness for a pocket knife is 56-59 HRC. It is a great degree, a guarantee of resilience during use.

Knife Measurements

A contributing factor behind the TYR Rippa’s suitability as an EDC tool is its measurements. It has a total length of 20.5-centimeters, with the blade being shorter than the handle at 9-centimeters. The handle is 11.5-centimeters, a decent size for comfortable wielding.

The blade is 2.5-centimeters wide and 2.7-millimeters thick. The thickness contributes to edge retention; hence, no need for constant sharpening. It is also light, weighing 165-grams together with its packaging.

The XLOT10’s lightness makes carrying it feel natural.

TYR Rippa Folding Blade Knife - EDC Outdoor Tool for Camping Hiking Trekking XLOTS10-TYR-GEN


TYR Rippa XLOT10-TYR Pocket folding knife is an excellent cutter, especially if you love style and simplicity. You can see some of this pocket knife’s standout features like hardness degree and reasonable dimensions from the review.

Its lightness makes the cutter comfy in your pockets. The nylon pouch keeps the knife safe when you are not using it. The Rippa folding cutter is a great complement to your collection or a gift to a knife lover.

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