Ace Roarrrrrrrr - Distinctive. Primitive. Animalistic. Karambit Knife

Words cannot describe the first impression we had of this stunning knife, the Ace Karambit. It is a claw-like knife, or we call it the karambit knife.

For those who are not sure what is a karambit knife, let’s dig in a bit more. The Karambit was said to originate from West Sumatra Indonesia. It was widely used for farming in Southeast Asia. In those days, it was also used as a tactical and survival tool. The signature claw design was inspired by the tiger's claws. Hence, giving it a distinctive and primitive look. To sum things up, this is an ultra-versatile blade with a damn unique design that takes a cue from the tiger claws. Roarrrrrrrr - simply animalistic isn't it?

Ace Strider Karambit D2 Steel G10 Fixed Blade Knife - BKS7-ACE-GEN

In modern-day, the karambit works like any utility knife or tool. It is up to the mark and efficient for any tasks. This beast true to its ancient design, and history is viciously sharp and ridiculously functional. Its claw-like design enables you to have a good solid grip when in action. It displays aesthetic prowess with great contour with a superb grip. The curved blade design of a karambit makes it cuts with ease.

Now, let's zoom into the details. Ace Karambit is at a full length of 17.9 cm and a blade length of 9 cm. Beautifully crafted with the hard 60-61 HRC D2 steel and durable G10 handle. It also comes with a nicely fitted leather sheath for safekeeping.

The superior quality of the Ace Karambit makes it ready for action anytime. Undoubtedly a great EDC outdoor tool for camping, hiking, and trekking. Do not say we did not warn you because God is in the details.

Learn more about this beautiful knife BKS7-ACE-GEN here.

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