Brace Yourself for TYR Ginga XLOTS15-TYR Pocket Folding Knife

In for a fascinating outdoor venture with an amicable companion? The TYR Ginga XLOTS15-TYR Pocket Folding Knife will strike you as that handy outdoor tool that fits the bill on many dimensions. Made with the end-user in mind, this tool doubles up as a pocket knife and survival knife for your everyday carry. Its functionality and convenience are unbridled making it an essential device for those with an aura for the outside atmosphere.


The magnificent TYR Ginga XLOTS15-TYR Pocket Folding Knife bears a simple yet futuristic, Sci-fi look that will fascinate you from the first glimpse. The handle length is 12.6 cm with the blade being 9cm making up to the 21.6 cm total length. Its blade is 2.3 cm and marries beautifully with a 3.2 mm thickness. Its weight is only 110 g and it embraces a nylon sheath making it a complementary pocket knife. With a linear lock mechanism, this edc pocket knife is not shy to impress you fully. All you need to do is flip it for an extension of the knife.

Blade material: D2 Steel

For many, the refined edge of a knife is met by the quality of the blade used. This is not different for TYR Ginga XLOTS15-TYR Pocket Folding Knife. The edc knife incorporates the resilience of D2 steel in its blade making it an enviable knife that you can use for different purposes without its edge losing its cool. Its ability to withstand high temperatures of up to 797 Fahrenheit makes it a brilliant outdoor tool that has hardiness at its core. The D2 component as an outdoor essential has been discussed in great detail here.

The remarkable D2 steel also possesses anti-corrosion elements that are crucial for an outdoor environment. If you are considering going camping, you will highly appreciate its durability that is coupled with its multipurpose functionality such as cutting through ropes or even tree barks. Quite the companion, right?

Hardness: 59 HRC

The hardness of this edc knife makes it an absolute muse for the sharpness it entails. Its hardness contributes to its ability to remain sharper for longer making it a great tool for everyday carry. Renowned knives with this hardness include Spyderco, Buck, and Cold Steel.

The higher hardness also has an upper hand in terms of its ability to withstand wear and tear. For a pocket knife, the TYR Ginga XLOTS15-TYR Pocket Folding Knife has met this dimension gracefully.

Handle material: G10 Carbon Fibre + Ceramic ball bearings

The handle material for the endearing edc knife has met a finesse that outdoor enthusiasts can delight in. The ceramic ball bearings have more resistance to corrosion and offer less friction making the knife have superior performance.

The handle that is meticulously designed has bearing races thanks to the ceramic ball bearing that refines the polish from time. This coupled with the fact that they are electrically non-conductive eliminates the nightmare that comes with the replacement of handles for pocket knives. If you are looking for that firm yet comfortable grip, this edc knife will have you in your happy knack.

Surface treatment: Sanding

This everyday carry makes it simpler for you with its easy maintenance. Its polished outlook is easy to maintain due to its sanding treated surface. The stunning appearance it retains is free from fingerprints and scratches that attribute to its exquisite nature.


The magnificence of this spectacular pocket knife is unrivaled. Available at Zsenknives for only $79, get yourself a companion that will outlive all your desired qualities.

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