CH XLOTS14-CH Pocket Folding Knife: A Tactical Companion for the Outdoors

The CH XLOTS14-CH is a perfect mix of great looks and strength, making it an ideal survival knife to have in your pockets. First impressions do matter when it comes to this pocket knife, where your gaze meets a shiny blade, with a touch of simplicity that still gives a hint of class.

About CH Knives

CH knives are some of the best to get, with their craft targeting quality, giving you a good looking and durable knife. The use of top-grade grinders and the intricate manufacturing process from design to the final treatment stage ensures you have an elegant utility on your hands.

It is the best tactical partner to have when venturing outdoors or when you need an edge to do some light household duties. Here is more about the CH XLOTS14-CH pocket folding knife.


This pocket knife relies on its excellent looks to grab your attention, where you can describe it as simple yet unique. Its design hints at how great it is as a tactical tool when you look at the blade's angling. The handle is another feature that will amaze you and has a rugged feeling to it.

To add on, it's designed to uphold comfort when handling it. On your hand, it will feel natural, and you can go on with your duties without feeling any strain.

Knife Material

You should pay attention to the blade material when getting the perfect outdoor tool. When looking at this CH knife's build, you can see where it gets its durability. The blade is an S35VN Powder Steel craft consisting of 1.4% carbon, 3% vanadium, 14% chromium, and 2% molybdenum. There is also 0.5% niobium, which boosts the knife's hardiness.

The CH XLOTS14-CH pocket folding knife has a hardness rating of 60 HRC, which is sturdy and will remain sharper for a long time. The handle is a titanium alloy build and is light, contributing positively to the ease in handling, where you notice its firmness. It is also rust and corrosion resistant, adding to this everyday carry tool's hardiness and durability.

The ceramic ball bearings reduce friction on the handle when unleashing the blade. The carbon fiber on the handle also makes it lightweight and prevents electricity conduction if you use it in wiring or other electrical works.


The CH XLOTS14-CH has small dimensions that are right to fit it in your pocket or rest on your hand. It has a total length of 22.3-centimeters with the blade out. The blade measures 9.7-centimeters in length and is 2.9-centimeters wide, while the handle is 12.5-centimeters long. The blade is 4-mm thick, showing you how sharp it is. The entire knife weighs 138-grams and is suitable as an EDC tool as it is easy to carry.


The CH XLOTS14-CH pocket folding knife is among the best you can get if you want a multipurpose tool that you can use outdoors and indoors. Its shiny aspect makes it a worthy gift idea for a tactical friend or loved one. You can check it out on Zsenknives to decide if it is the tool missing from your outdoor kit.

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