Have You Tried The Latest CM OKS9-SDI-GEN Pocket Folding Knife?

zsenknives CM OKS9-SDI-GEN Pocket Folding Knife

Are you looking to go out camping, hiking, or trekking, and wondering what pocket knife would make your outdoor adventures more thrilling? Well, the CM OKS9-SDI-GEN Pocket Folding Knife is the ideal tool that will exhilarate your outdoor knives experience. Read on to find out more about this latest EDC knife that won’t make you regret your purchase.


The CM OKS9-SDI-GEN knife comes with a nice finish that’s pretty sleek and gives that cool look while on your hand. The durable handle is laced with a superior gold coated steel and wooden pedicel piece. It’s comfortable to handle and provides a firm grip on your hands. It’s incredibly strong and highly resistant to buckling owing to the type of material its made of. This means you can conveniently use it for outdoor activities. It can handle challenging tasks such as cutting branches, ropes, skinning meat for camping, digging, and even filleting fish. This outdoor knife also comes in handy in survival situations such as self-defense and emergencies.


This knife is incredibly sharp, with a hardness degree of 58HRC. This kind of hardness is only defined in high-quality pocket knives like Spyderco, Cold Steel, Buck, and kitchen knives from Japan, such as Global. It's easy to sharpen and is more durable compared to standard, cheaper knives.

Size and Shape

The entire package of the B Steel Blade Pocket Folding Knife weighs about 243g. This makes it easy to carry anywhere you go. It also comes in the right size, small enough to fit in your jeans pocket. The shank length measures 12 cm, while its entire length is 21.2 cm. The knife blade is 9.2 cm 3 cm wide and 3.4 mm thick.

Lock Mechanism

It has a linear lock mechanism with assisted opening that uses a tension spring to flip it open effortlessly. It makes using this pocket knife more enjoyable. Once you push the studs located at thumb length on the handle of the knife, the blade swiftly swings open and remains firmly locked with the help of the tension spring. This dispels all worries of the blade slipping out of position while in use. To lock the knife edge back to its pocket, you use your index finger to safely return the knife edge into its docket without changing your grip.

Blade Material

The blade made of 7Cr13Mov steel is easy to sharpen, has good edge retention and is resistant to corrosion. This type of blade is also easier to maintain than more competent steel series like the 8Cr13Mov steel that, even though stay sharp for longer, require more sharpening effort.

Final Verdict;

The CM OKS9-SDI-GEN Pocket Folding Knife is an excellent outdoor knife that’s worth your time and money. This pocket knife is among the best and most affordable outdoor knives on sale, priced $79 only! The only setback may be the blade material used. The 7Cr13Mov steel cannot compare with the 8Cr13Mov and the Japanese AUS steel series with higher sharpness durability. Even though it’s easier to sharpen, it lacks the carbon for holding its edge, even when used mildly. However, Its effectiveness in camping, hiking, and trekking is unmatched and will give you that thrilling outdoor knife experience you so desire.

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