Kizer Cormorant Ki4562: A Funky Way to Tackle the Outdoors

The Kizer Cormorant Ki4562 is a perfect everyday carry tool if you are a free and adventurous person. It comes with a unique style, bordering on ruggedness, making it an excellent survival knife when venturing into the outdoors. It is a product of Kizer Cutlery, a brand synonymous with quality that spares no effort when it comes to the quality of their products. Here is a look at the Kizer Cormorant Ki4562 to give you a hint of what it is all about.


This folding knife's design is one of the things that will draw you to it. Simplicity, stylishness, and adventurous are some of the terms you can use to describe this unique EDC tool, and like mentioned, it fits a free persona.

The blade takes more credit for its outstanding look and is a G10 construction, a thermoset plastic lamination. It is black with white punctuations on either side, giving it a touch of style. Overall, it exudes a tactical feel.

In short, when looking at the Cormorant Ki4562's design, designed by @doctor_edc, you can consider it as an ornament and outdoor tool in one. It is one of the most adventurous, non tradition and creative design coming from Kizer. Not forgetting the Kizer Cyber Blade Ki2563 designed by Yue, which is in our opinion, one of the phenomenal knives from Kizer, this year.

Zsenknives Kizer Cormorant Ki4562

Knife Material

As an outdoor tactician, you know that a survival knife's material matters a lot when getting one. This Kizer knife's blade is an S35VN steel build, with the letters representing stainless, vanadium, and niobium, respectively, referring to materials used in making this steel.

This steel consists of 1.4% carbon, 3% vanadium, 14% chromium, molybdenum at 2% and finally, 0.5% niobium. The carbon content of this steel type makes the Ki4562 hard, a suitable feature for an outdoor tool. When combined with carbon, the niobium boosts the blade's toughness, making it more resilient to wear and tear.

Vanadium also contributes to hardness and toughness, adding some element of fine grain structure to the blade. This steel type will make the blade retains its sharpness, and coupled with resiliency, makes it an ideal outdoor utility.

The handle is a G10 build, which adds to this pocket knife's strength and resilience due to its sturdiness.

Zsenknives Kizer Cormorant Ki4562


The blade is 8.2-centimeters long and 0.3-centimeters thick, giving you an idea of how sharp it is. The handle is 10.4-centimeters long, translating to an overall length of 18.6-centimeters. This knife weighs 85.9 grams.

The dimensions and weight show it is a small knife, which you can easily carry and store in your pocket when not in use. It has a button lock mechanism, which releases the blade when you press on it. But do note that although is has a button lock, it is not an automatic knife.


The Kizer Cormorant Ki4562 is a unique folding knife that gives you a dose of simplicity, stylishness, and durability. Its handle and shiny blade give it a punk-funk touch, an excellent feature if you love style.

The blade, an S35VN steel build, is very robust and resilient, translating to an excellent knife for your outdoor ventures. Get the Cormorant Ki4562 and experience its punk-funk spirit first-hand.

Zsenknives will be bringing this exceptional knife to our store in Jan 2021.

๐Ÿ“ท credit ๐Ÿ‘‰Kizer Cutlery

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