Kizer Cyber Blade: Remarkably Tough Futuristic EDC at your Fingertips

Ringing into the New Year 2021, more exciting dumps is heading our way! Let us dig into the NEW Kizer Cyber Blade!

Overview: Compact and Futuristic, Cyber Blade is a purposefully designed, meticulously engineered, remarkably tough, perfectly compact pocketknife that is built with the best materials and technology. It is the perfect EDC companion for your daily tasks and every occasion!

Kizer Cyber Blade Ki2563A1

The design of the Cyber Blade is inspired by Tesla’s Cyber Truck. Kizer wants to create something fun and a conversation starter for you. They ditched curves in favor of bold and sharp edges to create this most unique and futuristic gear to meet your everyday carry needs. While the Cyber Blade is small and light enough that you will hardly notice it’s in your pocket, it packs a powerful punch and is tough enough for all kinds of tasks.

Kizer Cyber Blade Ki2563A1

With its CPM-S35VN steel® blade and Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy handle, it provides the ultimate cutting performance, superior corrosion resistance, and unbelievable durability. With its user-replaceable glass breaker backspacer and angular tanto blade, you can rely on it even in the most critical emergency situation. It is a slick, compact, durable, functional, and futuristic knife. Just holding the Cyber Blade, you will be amazed by its unique geometric and industrial design as well as the impeccable craftsmanship. The Cyber Blade will remarkably resemble the silhouette of Tesla’s latest Cyber truck.

Kizer Cyber Blade Ki2563A1

The Cyber Blade is made of Crucible’s CPM-S35VN steel®, a well-tested and trusted martensitic supersteel made from powder metallurgical process. It has excellent edge retention, superior corrosion resistance, exceptional toughness, and remarkable wear resistance.

Kizer Cyber Blade Ki2563A1

Kizer combined the aesthetics and functionality of a traditional Japanese tanto knife with present-day artistic presentation and modern technologies. The design team obsessively researched historical knife making documents and used up-to-date software such as Solidworks and AutoCAD in the designing process. The Cyber Blade uses a purposefully designed modified tantō as its blade shape and utilizes the reinforced tip (kissaki) to provide superior strength and durability for carving and piercing; the straight line at the front of the blade also allows you to do scraping related work; the second angular point (yokote) between the front and lower blade section let you cut through things such as cables and boxes with ease; combined with the flat blade line, the Cyber Blade is perfect daily tasks such slicing and cutting foods as well as in emergency situation such as cutting seatbelts.

Kizer Cyber Blade Ki2563A1

The Cyber Blade is specifically crafted to endure the harshest environment and most challenging mission, by using Ti-6Al-4V titanium alloy as its handle material. This titanium alloy has one of the best strength-to-weight ratios among all metals. On top of this, it has incredible heat and corrosion resistance. With these properties, it is a preferred material in aerospace, deep-water maritime, and surgical applications.

Kizer Cyber Blade Ki2563A2 in Micarta

If you are not a fan of the Titanium alloy handle material, there are G10 in green and Micarta brown variants too.

Kizer's engineering team uses state-of-the-art machinery to precisely manufacture the handle. The Cyber Blade uses a dual-opening mechanism. A user-replaceable thumb disk is located on the spine of the blade, which allows you to open the knife even when you are wearing gloves. If you don’t like the thumb disk, you can also use the window-shaped thumb hole to open the knife, and it is ambidextrous (southpaws friendly, yeah!). Both opening mechanisms are intuitive and easy to access.

Kizer Cyber Blade Ki2563A1 in G10

To create a strong and easy-to-use safe lock, the Cyber Blade utilizes the frame lock mechanism. In addition, the inner tip of the 3D pocket clip also functions as over-travel-stop for the frame lock to prevent metal fatigue. To prevent wear down on the titanium frame, they added a harden steel insert in the contact area between the frame and the blade. These details make Cyber Blade extremely durable and safe.

Kizer uses industry leading ceramic ball bearing system; the experienced craftsmen hand-tuned the Cyber Blade to ensure quality. They make custom 418 hardened stainless-steel screw sets. They 3D machined Ti-6Al-4V titanium to make a calcite shaped pocket clip with the great retention. They provide two different backspacers for you to install on the Cyber Blade. The stainless steel backspacer is equipped with a tungsten glass breaker tip for emergency situation.

Zsenknives is proud to be bringing the futuristic Kizer Cyber Blade to our store in limited quantities in 2021.

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