Meet the CH : Cost Effective Pocket Knife

Here is yet another magnificent creation from the legendary CH craftsmen! The CH XLOTS-12 Model: 3510 is a stunning model equipped both aesthetically and functionally. You can count on this innovative piece to cut through the toughest of materials out in the woods. This explains why it makes such a practical tool for those outdoor events!

In case you’re in the dark, this piece will shed a bit more light on some of its distinct features and mind-blowing capabilities. Your search for an ideal folding knife will probably be over by the time you’re acquainted with this iconic version. Let’s delve right into the gist of it.


To start, we must applaud the ingenious crafting of its framework. To have a knife that works just as good as it looks is a bonus! The model has a clean finish to it that any knife enthusiast will appreciate. An up-close look and you can tell that the handle material is quite sturdy to provide a firm grip whenever it is put to use. The carbon fibers are thoughtfully engrafted but not too tough to bruise up your hand during intense pressure cuts. You can also bet your pockets won’t be roughed up either when carrying the tool.

The knife runs to a total length of 21.5 cm. Its handle takes up 12 cm while the blade totals to 9.5 cm. For such a big a knife, it’s insane that it weighs just under 120 g. You could carry it around and for a moment there forget there’s anything in your pocket. On to the blade dimensions, as you can imagine, a tough knife needs a thicker blade, and to this end, a 4mm thickness is quite a catch. At width, the blade adds up to 2.6 cm. Put these two traits together and you can achieve a tapered cut on just about anything.

Over history, CH merchants have built a strong reputation for fabricating superior quality tools. With the CH XLOTS-12, they have outdone themselves yet again. The manufacturing process is quite refined as is seen in the final outlook of the knife. Take for instance the steel integrity. Not just any steel went in, but the VG1O stainless which contains both carbon and chromium components. In a nutshell, this is the highest possible steel quality- the gold standard to be precise. Its durability is unrivaled, not to mention the clean sparkly finish it effortlessly emanates.

This sheen is further polished thanks to the anodic oxidation electro treatment applied. Far from dashing looks, the anodic film equally fights corrosion and minimizes wear and tear. As regards steel hardness, the knife stands at 59 HRC, the kind of strength that you find only in better quality knives. Fair enough, you may apply a little more effort in sharpening, but the razor-sharp effect lasts considerably longer. To top it all off, the knife runs on ceramic ball bearings. The deployment and closing action are extra smooth, free of friction. Even with no lubricant, this technology operates at optimum.


Available at zsenknives, get this incredible value tool at a fair bargain of only 259 bucks. And oh! In case you're wondering, the blade to handle ratio is perfect for users with medium to large-sized hands. So no more worries about those awkward fittings!

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