Mad About TYR Ganjo XLOTS17-TYR Pocket Folding Knife

Do you have a mad ambition for the love of outdoors and the striking adventures? TYR Ganjo XLOTS17-TYR Pocket Folding Knife proves to be the ideal outdoor tool for adventure enthusiasts with its cutting-edge attributes making it outstanding.

The outdoors has become a favorite muse to many people with the wake of the pandemic leading to quarantine. With liberal movements being the new norm, adventures have unfolded for many. Having a great pocket knife that is keen on its functionality for your everyday carry brings forth exclusivity and convenience. Most knife companies are aware that in order to remain relevant in the vibrant market, a knife that is of utmost quality speaks volumes for an outdoor person. For TYR Ganjo XLOTS17-TYR Pocket Folding Knife manufacturers, this dream has been realized.


The first appearance of TYR Ganjo XLOTS17-TYR Pocket Folding Knife is a polished slick look with a handiness to its craft. Its magnificent dimensions make it easy to adjust as a folding knife and the fact that it does not need assisted open makes it a stunning survival knife.

With a length of 13.7 cm from a blade length of 5.5 cm and a handle length of 8.2 cm, this knife is mandatory for all hikers. Its blade width is 2.8 cm and complementing this is the blade thickness of 3. 2mm. The linear lock mechanism further elevates the survival knife and with a net weight of 53g, its practical use is appealing. Overall, the beautiful appearance of this handy knife is stunning with a sophistication that is not intimidating for normal use.

Blade Material: M390 Powder Steel

Emblemed within the knife blade is M390 Powder Steel whose integration in the knife brings about relentless hardness that does not wear out with use. The substance is also resistant to corrosion with a 61-62 HRC hardness thus being a great ally in the outdoors. The stainless steel gives it a polished finish that is mirror-like yet at the same time hardy.

You will obtain unparalleled stability as you use the knife for fine edges and ease of control for all outdoor activities. M390 Powder Steel incorporates third world technology making it a revolutionary development in the arena for everyday carry knives.

Quality Handle Material: Titanium Alloy TC4+Ceramic Ball Bearing

TYR Ganjo XLOTS17-TYR Pocket Folding Knife stands out for its quality design in every aspect. With ceramic ball bearings, the longevity of the knife is guaranteed. This coupled with the fact that ceramic ball bearings have lower friction and are inherently light make the appeal of the edc knife unmatched.

For a hiker or camper, this knife will dispel whims on being electrically conductive. The superior characteristics of ceramic ball bearing lead to a high budget for the everyday carry knife. However, its durability makes up for the cost in the long term.

Surface treatment: Stone Wash Sanding

The survival knife with an aesthetic appearance requires stone wash sanding. This basically entails using pebbles with the knife and then smoothing it out. You will be impressed to learn that this kind of treatment for the outdoor tool leaves it without scratches and fingerprints making it the ideal survival knife. For a refined look that is evident with this edc knife, stonewash sanding is a huge plus as longevity and its maintenance is of utmost appearance.

Other everyday carry knives that are pocket friendly and provide an exhilarating outdoor experience include the CH Knife whose effectivity is incredible and the CM OKS9-SDI-GEN Pocket Folding Knife.


It is no doubt that this spectacular outdoor tool will elevate your outdoor adventures. Available in 3 colours at Zsenknives, get this incredible knife for $259. Don’t forget there is free shipping to all parts of the world!

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