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A Cut of Simplicity from the TYR Pen XLOTS7-TYR-BK Pocket Folding Knife

Simplicity is what some knife enthusiasts look for in pocket knife construction. If you are a fan of a simple and elegant EDC, this is right for you. Let’s have a glimpse on the TYR Pen XLOTS7-TYR-BK Pocket Folding Knife. While it has a simple look, when you wield it in your hands, you will know you have an excellent and tactical EDC gadget.

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The Cutting Edge Outdoor Experience with the TYR Kotto XLOTS16-TYR Pocket Folding Knife

In your outdoor expeditions, a pocket knife is a must-have, and it comes in handy in several situations. There are several factors to look at when getting a knife for outdoor settings; convenience being one of them. The TYR XLOTS16-TYR pocket folding knife is the true definition of convenience, evident from its strong and sharp blade and its classy looks.

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