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The Kizer M Stealth Ki3564A1: Less is More

The Kizer M Stealth Ki3564A1 is a new stylish minimalist pocket knife in the scene, and one of the most attractive things about it is its simple but effective design. It is an excellent everyday carry gear that you can use in various engagements, from camping and DIY projects to general household use.

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Kizer Cormorant Ki4562: A Funky Way to Tackle the Outdoors

The Kizer Cormorant Ki4562 is a perfect everyday carry tool if you are a free and adventurous person. It comes with a unique style, bordering on ruggedness, making it an excellent survival knife when venturing into the outdoors. It is a product of Kizer Cutlery, a brand synonymous with quality that spares no effort when it comes to the quality of their products. Here is a look at the Kizer Cormorant Ki4562 to give you a hint of what it is all about.

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