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The Best Stainless Steel for Your Everyday Carry - 440C Steel Knife

Having a knife that doubles up as an everyday carry knife and an outdoor tool is exhilarating! More importantly, the quality of the knife blade is a clear-cut factor that any person should not overlook. It’s no wonder then that survival knives are not categorized primarily based on their aesthetic features alone. Outdoor knives that are made from 440c steel make the mark for cutting edge knives.

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Mad About TYR Ganjo XLOTS17-TYR Pocket Folding Knife

Do you have a mad ambition for the love of outdoors and the striking adventures? TYR Ganjo XLOTS17-TYR Pocket Folding Knife proves to be the ideal outdoor tool for adventure enthusiasts with its cutting-edge attributes making it outstanding.

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Outdoor Essentials : The Leading Edge D2 Steel Knife

There are many types of steel to look at for your survival knife, and this might get you in a dilemma, asking which is the best steel for your multipurpose tool. Enter the D2 steel, an ideal steel alloy; actually, it is an iron alloy, but you get the point, right?

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