The Best Stainless Steel for Your Everyday Carry - 440C Steel Knife

Having a knife that doubles up as an everyday carry knife and an outdoor tool is exhilarating! More importantly, the quality of the knife blade is a clear-cut factor that any person should not overlook. It’s no wonder then that survival knives are not categorized primarily based on their aesthetic features alone. Outdoor knives that are made from 440c steel make the mark for cutting edge knives.

The 440C steel is a hallmark for quality steel and should not be confused with 440A and 440B that are more mild types of steel. Outdoor tools and edc knives that use the 440C steel have a vivid label to distinguish the grade. This comes from the sheer aloofness that the steel bears. For starters, it is more costly and has a more magnificent appeal. We take a delve onto this type of steel that you should definitely consider for your pocket knife.

440C steel is a martensitic stainless steel made primarily from carbon, manganese, chromium, molybdenum and silicon. It is from these major elements that the steel gets its groove from. Molybdenum constitutes of 50% and aids in hardening. It also caters for resistance to wearing. Manganese follows with 45% composition and is crucial in reducing deformation, enhancing forgeability and making the tool less brittle. Silicon with a 30% composition serves as a deoxidizer while 18% chromium helps enhance resistance to wear, corrosion and toughness. There is also the presence of carbon which increases hardness making 440C steel an ultimate consideration for your edc knife.

The affinity for 440C steel on your everyday carry knife is showcased by its hardness even when subjected to heat. The fact that it is also resistant to corrosion makes it a marvel and a preference to custom makers. Its robust nature in terms of strength makes it superior to carbon steel with its adaptability running for decades. Although 440C steel is more expensive, it is a delight to the knife industry with its popularity being enhanced by the polished finish on the blades. These stunning attributes make it unparalleled and for the fact that it is easy to maintain, this makes it more prolific.

In comparison to high carbon steel, 440C steel has an edge over high carbon as it is resistant to corrosion. With the perk of high carbon being its inherent feature of having nice edges and acclaimed popularity, 440C steel also refines the edges. Arguably, 440C steel makes it to the top of the list and remains legendary in the knife industry space. With early adaptations prior to 1981 by the Buck 110, 440C steel remains true to its quality.

Unbelievably, this superior 440C steel can be easily obtained. If on the lookout for a treasurable outdoor knife, the TYR XLOTS1-TYR Pocket Folding Knife is a predominant outdoor tool that reflects of the vibrant aspects of 440c steel. You will also be captivated by the stunning TYR XLOTS5-TYR-ANN Pocket Folding Knife that holds a fine edge and endures to serve as a survival knife.

The negativity for 440C steel knives stems from misperceptions coming from the fact that it is due for replacement and costly. However, experienced knife makers find working with 440C steel a bit challenging as it involves a lot of work for its malleability.

The revolutionary 440C steel is a pacesetter for quality blades for outdoor knives. With adaptations by renowned blades such as Stedemon Knife Co. ZKC C02 that showcases its vibrant blade and the Boker Plus Kubasek Credit Card Frame Lock Knife that is a magnificent pocket knife, its functionality is greatly applauded.

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