The Cutting Edge Outdoor Experience with the TYR Kotto XLOTS16-TYR Pocket Folding Knife

In your outdoor expeditions, a pocket knife is a must-have, and it comes in handy in several situations. There are several factors to look at when getting a knife for outdoor settings; convenience being one of them. The TYR Kotto XLOTS16-TYR pocket folding knife is the true definition of convenience, evident from its strong and sharp blade and its classy looks.

Here is more about this folding knife to give you a spoiler of what to expect when you have it in your pocket.


The first thing you will notice about the TYR Kotto XLOTS16-TYR pocket folding knife is its elegant design, from the blade's tip to the handle. It looks more like an antique item, especially the rustic finish on the wooden handle, with a metal piece etched between.

The metal bolster is very shiny and adds to its unique form, a feature you will notice when you fold the knife. The gleam comes from its sand light treatment. It has a robust design, making it the ultimate camping and hiking companion, as it won't give in easily when using it. It also features a slightly serrated region opposite the edge, which acts as a thumb rest.


The knife is very hardy, one of the essential features to look at when getting an outdoor tool. Focusing on its resilience, you start by feeling the blade, where you get a feeling of how sturdy it is, courtesy of the 7cr17mov chrome steel material used in its construction. The Gerber STL 2.5 Knife is a great example of a knife that uses the 7cr17mov chrome steel.

The hardiness comes from the materials' high composition of carbon, silicon, manganese, and chromium. The combination of these elements also makes the knife easy to maintain, more so in cleaning.

The blade has a hardness of 56 HRC, which is common for most kitchen knives and is very resilient. This is the same grade used in most German knives, especially the ones used in the kitchen. However, it will require constant sharpening to keep it in good shape. The white steel color wooden handle is also hardy, featuring a coating that improves its appearance, longevity, and handling capability by giving it a grip.

Size and Dimensions

The TYR Kotto XLOTS16-TYR survival knife's convenience comes to play when you look at its size. The blade is 8.5cm long by 2.1cm wide, and the handle has a length of 11cm. It means when folded, you have only 11cm, which can easily fit in tour pockets. At a net weight of 115g, the outdoor knife is manageable to carry, guaranteeing you no discomfort. The blade has a thickness of 2.3mm, which is decent enough to cut through many materials.

Locking Mechanism

This everyday carry tool has a linear lock mechanism, which is easy to operate, further contributing to its ease of use.


When looking for an EDC knife, the TYR Kotto XLOTS16-TYR is one of the best you can have, promising your durability and ease of handling. It features sturdy chrome steel, which is very hardy, meaning it will last for long. It is an outdoor utility to consider having, especially if you love antique items with a rustic finish.

Get this pocket folding knife from Zsenknives and have the best time camping or hiking!

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