The Kizer M Stealth Ki3564A1: Less is More

The Kizer M Stealth Ki3564A1 is a new stylish minimalist pocket knife in the scene, and one of the most attractive things about it is its simple but effective design. It is an excellent everyday carry gear that you can use in various engagements, from camping and DIY projects to general household use.

This knife is also a great gift idea for a friend who loves knives, especially if they are collectors.

About Kizer M Stealth Ki3564A1's Production

The Kizer M Stealth is a collaboration between Joel Scott Turner of Vitesse design and Kizer. It is part of many releases, coming from Kizer's working relationship with other knife makers to develop unique and reliable knives under the Kizer blade smith series.

Here is more about this exciting new Kizer M Stealth folder.


The design concept is geared towards a less is more approach, and the maker tried to emphasize more on its functionality than looks. You can notice the maker's effort in the 1:1 blade to handle ratio, making it easy to use as an EDC tool. It has a Wharncliffe blade, whose design sports a straight edge and a curved spine, with the curve extending to the tip.

This blade design makes it ideal for cutting and slicing but prevents accidental piercing from the tip. The handle looks dense and maintains the simplicity of the pocket folding knife. It has the shape of a bent hourglass, which makes it easy to handle, and you will appreciate how light it feels when you wield it. A sleek front flipper that pivots smoothly with the ball bearing system.

Knife Material

The knife material is a critical aspect to pay attention to, as it gives you a hint of factors like durability and performance. The Ki3564A1 is an S35VN steel build, a strong material that combines stainless steel, vanadium, and niobium to bring a blade that is both tough and resistant to wear and tear.

The composition of S35VN steel is 14% chromium, 14% carbon, 3% vanadium, 2% molybdenum and 0.5% niobium. Carbon gives the steel its hardiness, and niobium further boosts this quality. Vanadium makes it resistant to wear and tear, making it durable. It will maintain its sharpness for a long time.

The handle is a titanium build with a stainless steel interface, which contributes to its overall sturdiness.

Measurements of the Knife

The Kizer M Stealth is quite a small knife, making it a great survival knife that can easily fit into your pocket. It has a blade length of 7.6 cm and an overall length of 17.8 cm when flipped out of the handle. The blade is 0.3-centimeters thick, giving you an idea of how sharp it is.

The handle is 0.45-inches thick, and it will rest naturally on your palm when using it. It weighs 66g, making it easy to handle, and it can rest in your pocket without being too heavy.

Final Thought

The Kizer M Stealth Ki3564A1 is one of the best survival tools you can have in your pocket, and it has a simple design that you may love. It is quite hard due to its components, and it does not require constant sharpening. You can check out the video here to see it in action. You can also have a scoop of its features here at the Zsenknives store.

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