The Stylish Everyday Carry That Is the SDI Yomu OKS4-SDI-GEN

The SDI Yomu OKS4-SDI-GEN pocket knife is an excellent everyday carry gadget that nails it when looking at style. It has a stylish touch, which you notice from its finely-designed handle to the blade.

It is a reliable tool that you can have as part of your hiking or camping kit. It is also hardy and durable, meaning it will serve you for a long time. Here is a review of this knife to show you its many features.

Design of the SDI Yomu OKS4-SDI-GEN

As earlier mentioned, this folding knife does not spare any effort in design, evident in the combination of simplicity and color. The handle bears most of the style, featuring stainless steel and olive wood. The wood has a fine texture giving it a natural feel on your hand, and each knife piece is unique due to the wooden nature.

The blade is shorter than the handle; the standard folding knife build for safety when using it and easy handling. Further upholding its stylishness, the blade has a black shade with a shiny edge.

The Knife Material

The knife material is another of its standout features, made of very durable and sturdy material. The SDI Yomu OKS4-SDI-GEN folding knife’s primary material is 440C stainless steel, which has the highest carbon content in the 440 class. The Ganzo G740 is one survival knife that sports this type of steel.

The steel undergoes heat treatment to take its hardiness, giving it a value of 58 HRC, similar to the SDI Koya OKS5-SDI-GEN pocket knife.

It has a composition of 78-83.1% iron, 16-18% chromium, 1.2% carbon, 1% silicon, 1% manganese, 0.8% molybdenum and 0.04% phosphorous. The chromium composition boosts its tensile strength and helps retain the edge. Carbon gives the blade its hardiness, together with the molybdenum and silicon components. Manganese works towards the blade’s sturdiness and brittleness.

The handle also features the same stainless steel and titanium with some wood punctuations. The olive wood material is durable and feels comfortable on the hand. The knife has a thumb stud opening mechanism, which is simple to operate.

Knife Dimensions

The knife is relatively compact, upholding its functionality as an EDC tool. The blade has a length of 8.9-centimeters, a decent measurement for cutting and use in household applications. The knife’s handle is 11.6-centimeters, with the knife having a total length of 22-centimeters. The blade has a width of 2.5-millimeters at its widest point, showing you how sharp it can be.

This survival knife weighs around 190 grams, which is exceptionally lightweight, and you can easily handle it or carry it in your pocket. The handle has a clip that you can use to hang it on your pocket’s edge.


The SDI Yomu OKS4-SDI-GEN is a great outdoor gadget to have, especially if you love a stylish tool. It is very convenient when you look at its build, where it is quite lightweight, sharp, and durable due to its hardy nature.

The stainless-steel structure enhances its tensile strength and retains the sharpness of the blade. This is an excellent pocket knife to have, which will show off your good taste and uphold your outdoor survival skills. You can have a glimpse of the knife from Zsenknives to appreciate its construction.

📷 credit 👉Xiaolin OTS

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