Unbelievable! Who goes Hiking without a Knife?

Finally, this is the best news ever. Lockdown is over. No more quarantine. It is time for all to venture out. After months of cooping up at home, we had lost touch with the great outdoors. We miss the fresh air, the connection with people, and the environment. We miss the time to have the freedom to go anywhere, be out and about. And now, to be able to enjoy the norm again makes everyone upbeat. We are going to brave the great outdoors as if we won a battle! What a joy!

To have a great outdoor experience, we should always plan and get prepared for the trip. It is a no brainer to keep others informed of your whereabouts if we are going camping, hiking, or trekking trip.

We should not forget that we are in the middle of the pandemic. We have to adjust to the new norm when we go on the trip. Wear a mask, practicing hygiene, and safe distancing. We have to pack the essentials such as face masks and hand sanitizers. And there is one essential we cannot miss out on which is non-other than the knife!

Unbelievable! Who goes an on outdoor trip without a Knife? Plain simple logic. We are going to explore the outdoors, going into the wilderness, into the unknown. It is a matter of survival because you never know what will happen. And anything can happen. A good survival knife is the best companion on these trips, period.

And this brings us to the question of the type of knife to bring? While most would argue that a pocket knife is probably good enough. Having a pocket knife is better than nothing. We strongly suggest bringing along a quality knife such as a fixed blade knife. A fixed blade knife is more secure and can handle high-stress tasks with more power, precision, and strength. The blade material makes a lot of difference too. Quality steel gives you peace of mind as it can perform most tasks perfectly. These are some of the top choices of high-quality blades materials:

- S30V (stainless steel)

- VG10 (stainless), and

- D2 Stainless steel

A final note is to stay safe always. One can never be too prepared for anything. “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.” Always have a contingency plan. This will help you to enjoy your trip with less worry.

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  • Reed Kinney

    During this epidemic, the outdoors was never off limits. Your opening comment about the quarantine being over, followed by “we are in the middle of the pandemic.” is inconsistent. That weakens the delivery of your promotion.

    The information referent to blade materials is Okay.

    People have always made knives. Knife materials include bamboo, ivory, bone, flint and obsidian, copper, bronze, and iron. Steel is the stronger material.

    Economic stability facilitates preparedness for the unprecedented. Most Americans use the greater part of their time for defending their standards of living and their respective families. Most Americans are stranded without sufficient time after work and without enough support for personal growth and personal fulfillment. For that, real community is needed, which is absent except among the Indigenous people.

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