Why the Steel 8Cr13MoV Is the Best Value Blade Out There

When it comes to knife performance, a thorough inquiry into the type of blade is necessary. Every steel blade possesses various qualities and may widely differ in performance. With the ever-increasing amount of steel blades that continue to flood the market, every folding knife lover is spoilt for choice. In this article, we examine the stainless Steel 8Cr13MoV, a mid-range blade that despite its middle-tier rank, brags of astounding results.

The 8Cr13MoV is an all-round purpose knife that can get basic hunting, camping, or defense tasks handled with ease. At an affordable price range, this knife possesses all the ideal qualities for everyday carry. It is predominantly popular among beginner EDC collectors who though wanting an affordable alternative, do desire to experience a tremendous amount of benefit from the purchase. This knife doesn't stop short of doing just that.

The steel 8Cr13MoV belongs to the Chinese CR series, which includes several stainless steel blades with high carbon and chromium content. It’s full chemical composition is: 0.8% Carbon, 13% Chromium, 1% Manganese, 1% Silicon, 0.25 % Vanadium, 0.6% nickel, 0.6% Molybdenum, 0,2% Phosphorus and 0.03% Sulfur.

The carbon contributes to its overall hardness alongside the smaller amounts of Vanadium. This steel has an average hardness of 58 to 60 HRC, whereas there are brands that due to their advanced heat treatment processes have up to 62 HRC. The steel is hard enough and also has good wear resistance. The steel can take a substantial amount of pressure before chipping, breaking, or deforming. Its toughness makes it ideal for continuous day to day use even on abrasive surfaces.

Another great feature is its ease of sharpening. Sharpening may be overly tedious especially if the blade is too hard. In this case, the steel 8Cr13MoV has just the right balance of hardness and edge properties. Using any standard sharpening tool, you can easily achieve a super sharp edge. If you are looking to practice sharpening knives, this will be an excellent choice.

The knife also has a fairly good degree of edge retention which allows it not to dull too quickly. It can be used in several tasks before the need for sharpening arises. However, if used continuously it may require to be sharpened often.

On the flip side, the blade is easily susceptible to corrosion. Having a lower percentage of Chromium compared to other stainless steel makes it prone to rust, especially if used in humid atmospheres or underwater for an extended amount of time.

Many say it is identical to the Japanese AUS8 blade in performance. The AUS8 blade ranks on the lower end of the high tier stainless steel blades hierarchy. There are few differences in composition between the two blades which affect their overall performance. The steel 8Cr13MoV has a higher percentage of carbon and thus is harder than the AUS8, however it has less nickel and generally possess less edge retention compared to the AUS8 blade.

Examples of steel 8Cr13MoV knives include Spyderco Tenacious Folding knives.

8Cr13MoV Steel knives will soon be made available on the Zsenknives.

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