Why You Can Never Go Wrong with VG10 Steel

VG10 Steel is one of the most dexterous, sturdy, high-quality stainless steel in the market today. The steel boasts of remarkable properties and features that every outdoor camper would love. Let’s face it, it is every camper’s dream to have an EDC outdoor tool that is light, sharp, and able to cut through different surfaces and textures of material with minimum effort. Whether it's hunting or basic food prep (both meat and vegetables) while camping, the VG10 steel outdoor knives will revolutionize your camping experience. Here is why.

The VG10 steel was first manufactured by Takefu Special Steels in Fukui Japan. The steel was primarily designed for use by Japanese Chefs leading to its great traction in the Japanese cutlery market. It’s widely acclaimed sharpness and great flexibility made it popular in the cutlery market leading to its use in other knife models such as outdoor knives. So what made this stainless steel a formidable force in both cutlery and outdoor knives to this day?

A remarkable feature of this pocket knife is its superior quality in comparison to other knives. The ‘G’ in its acronym denotes ‘Gold’ because the V Gold 10 Steel quality is second to none. This can be attributed to the perfect combination of the various components that give it its outstanding finesse.

The chemical composition of the VG10 Steel consists of 1% Carbon, 15% Chromium, 1.5% Cobalt, 0.5% manganese, 1% Molybdenum and 0.2% Vanadium. The high percentage of carbon works wonders to give it that indispensable toughness. The blade has a maximum HRC of 59, which is more than ideal for a simple hunting or camping expedition.

The Chromium component gives its excellent corrosion resistant properties. You can leave this knife for days in a highly humid environment and get no rust on it. This feature is invaluable especially if you tend to forget your EDC out in the cold, every now and then. With VG10 steel, you simply don’t have to worry about it rusting.

The other great feature about the VG10 folding knife is its ability to get extremely sharp and retain its sharpness over a longer duration of time and use. This is also due to the high percentage of Chromium which gives it excellent edge retention. This means you can have plenty of use from this knife before you need to re-sharpen it again. You no longer have to stop in between tasks to sharpen its blade! The VG10 steel guarantees an ease-free clean-cut throughout the task. Additionally, the steel is wear-resistant making it retain its durability all year round. Because of this, you can enjoy sustained use without any evidence of wear, tear or any weakening. How great is that!

Compared to other steels such as the s30v and n690 steel blades, the VG10 tops the chart when it comes to sharpness, edge retention and corrosion resistance. It, however, may not be as strong as the n690 but it is still adequately strong. Several outdoor knives use VG10. Brands such as Spyderco have a wide array of VG10 steel knives such as the beautiful Spyderco Endura Flat Ground 3.83" VG10 Damascus Plain Blade, Titanium Handles - C10TIPD.

For more options, check out the Zsenknive’s VG10 CH Folding Knife Blade (XLOTS12-CH-GEN).

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